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Earth Stool | Packaging Waste


Designed at Mater design studio, Earth Studio, by architect and designer Eva Harlou, Earth Stool is a reinvention of the classic bar stool. The Earth Stool is created in two versions with seats made from either recycled plastic packaging waste or FSC certified oak tree designed to support the sustainable choice whether you choose the organic or the industrial look. The steel pipe frame is reusable, and the light yet solid stool represents timeless classic Scandinavian design created in an elegant composition that matches every indoor interior. The stool is light, easy to carry and move around when you need to make room for more special guests.


Size: W: 13.4" D: 10.6" H: 29.1" 

Finish: Steel frame with seat made of recycled packaging waste

Designed by Eva Harlou | DK

Brand: Mater

Delivered within 13 - 18 weeks.

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